Best Movies on Amazon Prime(WatchRight Now)

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Looking Around for Best Movies in Amazon Prime!!!!!

Here find Best 20 Movies (You can Watch it Right now)that are available in Amazon prime.

Amazon prime provides many benefits with a single membership including unlimited tv shows, free musics and streaming of movies also provides exclusive shopping deals.

let’s Enjoy the best 20 movies on Amazon prime.


Director:- Todd philips

Lead Role-Arthur(Joker)

The Wrost part of mental illness is people except from you to behave how they want

In joker Movie “todd philips” put the reality of Society in the screen which very impressive .In this movie you will find the soceity is divided into two categories 1-Rich and 2-Poor.Also Arthur(Joker) gives you a lesson on How to spread smiles though your life is moving through a worst condition.

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Director:-Christopher Nolan

Lead Role- Leonardo Di caprio and Tom Hardy.

Highly recommend before watching this movie as less as you know  regarding this movie ,The highest you will enjoy

Hats off to “Christopher Nolan” for a brilliant concept, and mind blowing execution of it.The word Inception means To put new ideas in someone’s Dream.The whole movie is moving around this concept.

I will not say more about this movie simply go ahead  and Watch it. Believe you will definitely enjoy.

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(King of monster)

Director:-Michael Dougherty

Thrilling action and virtually non stop ,this GODZILLA movies is based on Monster and Is GODZILLA save humans from monsters. This movie will not disappointment you if you  ignore the human character.The presentation of monsters in this movie is really awesome.It’s Graphic and scenery is just fabulous.

It’s Ok if you did not see a single human being.It’s not a perfect movie but it in striking  a perfect Godzilla movie it’s character are far more interesting.

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Director:-Steven Soderbergh

You can relate CONTAGION movie to corona epidemics directly

How ever CONTIGATION  is released in 2011,this movie shown today’s covid 19 situation.How thousands  of people died due to a virus and how a virus is spread all over world.As in current situation this movie feels like  a documentary of covid 19 which was released 9 year back.

This movie was  released on basis of Swine flu and SARS virus.But trust me what ever scenes are shown in this movie ,it came true in 2020 as covid19.

Go ahead watch this.

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5-The RAID(Redemtipn)

Director:-Gareth evansi.

Action scenes are superbly executed.which are very impressive

The Raid-Redemption is a master piece movie loaded with Action crime.After watching the raid redemption ,an Indian movie Bhaggi-1 is indeed very heavily inspired by The Raid -Redemption

If you are found of Action movie believe me it will entertain you most

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Director:-James Wan

Hat’s off  to James wan for anextra ordinary visuals

This is first super hero movie of James wan .In this movie it shows the origin of aqua man. Performance of Josan moma and  an extraordinary visuals makes you speechless and won’t let you thought anything till the movie will end.

Go ahad and wtach it.pretty sure you will enjoy it definitely

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6-mission impossible(Fall out)

Director:-Brian De Palma

Mind blowing cinematographic ,it won’t let you feel bore inside the hall.

This movies is Fully loaded with Suspense thriller and twist and non stop action scene.For me the best part of this  movie is chasing Sequence(Bike chasing,Car chasing, running, helicopter) 

I really enjoy the Running sequence ,what a brilliant performance by Tom cruise as usual he did. 

Go ahead and watch it.

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Director:-John watts

If you have not seen avenger’s end game  then it was a spoiler stop watching Spider man far from home ,watch Avenger’s End game first

if compared to other parts of Spider man sequence Spider man far from home is the best.In trailer is shows only 10 mins of the movies rest of the movie is fully secret in trailer.

Fully loaded Action ,thriller and a little college time Romance.Name of this movie Far from home because peter(Spider man ) is out of city for a college vocation and most romantic thing is MJ(Lover of peter) is also with peter.

To know Result of Peter and MJ’s love story go ahead and watch Spider man -Far from home  

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8-IT chapter 2

Director:-Andres Muschietti

it chapter 2  is sequel to It Chapter 1.watching It chapter 2 with out watching chapter 1 then it becomes a spoiler. 

It is a horror thriller movie.i will not say anything ,less you know about any horror  movie the most you enjoy and feel scary

Simply go head and watch It chapter 1 and then it chapter 2.

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9-once upon a time in hollywood

Director:-Quentin Tarantino

Simple movie with out any thriller ,action ,romance.The whole concept of this movie is Frictional.This movie tries to show how Hollywood industry looks like in 1960 decades.How the passion and fashion of Hollywood stars  changes with respect to time.

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10-Olympus has fallen

Director:-Antoine Focua

Olympus has fallen is an american action thriller film.Here it shows when US president(Aaron Eckhart) is kidnapped and how former secret service agent uses his experiences to rescue american president and other hostage also.

though this film has mixed review but hope you will enjoy the action scene.

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11-Angry bird 2

Director:-Clay KaytisFergal Reilly

Spoiler alert!!!!if you not seen the first part

Angry bird 2 is an animated  comedy and most entertainment movie is based on a popular game -angry will see how two enemies(bird island and pig island) joints hand together to save their island from eagle island.Lot’s of one line jokes are there it will make you Lough throughput the movie.

Go ahead best movie for children category

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12- T(34)

Director:-Aleksey Sidorov

T-34 a Russian movie and quite impressive film is based on a group of Russian soldier was captured by German soldier during world war II, and to save his team and country Lvushkin prepare a plan with the help of Russian translator.

Fully loaded with action scenes,hope you will enjoy

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13- The wolf of Wall Street

Director:-Martin Scorsese

Hat’s off to leonardo di caprico for a brilliant performance

The Wolf of wall street is based on a true story on Stock broker(Jordan belfort).Hat’s off to leonardo di caprico for a brilliant performance.

This movie was quite impressing and i will enjoy  belforts character which is risk taking ,Chilled out attitude,and bold character. 

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14-Eight grade

Director:-Bo Burnham

Brilliant performance by kayla dey  

Best movie to see for Parents and teen age.The message shared by Kayla dey was tremendous ,the way she overcomes her fear to live as she is was Excellent.The movies shows the challenges that teen age student face now a days.For a while you feel awkward and  nothing else go ahead and watch this movie.

Best is yet to see.

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15-Escape room

Director:-Adam Robitel

An Ameriacn psychological  horror movies

Story of this film is  an invitation comes for a group of 6 people to an Escape room .They have  to solve bizarre puzzle box to escape from this room.You will see how these 6 people  work together to escape from the room.In this game winning or loosing in the game is a matter of life and death.

what happen’s to those 6 people!!!! ,is they escape from the room???to know more

go ahead and watch this movie.

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16-Conjuring 2

Director:-James wan

Conjuring 2 is a part of conjuring universe directed by James wan

What an horror movie!!!!!!believe me too much Scary.who loves horror movie definitely he/she will be enjoy this movie.

In normal horror movie you have seen only one  member of  a family  feels the weird things but here whole family member feels the same thing which was quite impressive,

Go ahead and watch.This movie will put you in tension 

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17-Zombieland:double tap

Director:-Ruben Fleischer

Zombileand is most entertaining and loaded with full of comedy and action directed by Ruben Fleischer

Wow, this movie will make you lough through out the movie.This movie will not disappointment you in any angle. 

one thing i notice that the length of this movie should be little longer.

go ahead and watch it will definitely entertain you

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18-battle drone

Director:-Mitch Gould

Battle Drone is an action film directed by Mitch Gould based on drone battle instead of human.

You will get lot’s of slow motion action scene which was quite impressing.

watch in on Amazon prime video

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19-The courier

Director:-Zackary Adler

The courier is Packed with Action and thriller scene.Tho whole action scenes are done in a parking area.When a courier lady in London found one of the packages she is delivering is a bomb  and the movie starts here.

Go ahead and watch what happen to the Courier girl!!!!!!

watch in on Amazon prime video

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19-The Avenger: End game

Director:-Joe Russo, Anthony Russo

Spoiler alert!!!watch all series of avenger,before watching the last part

Most popular and awaited movie  was loaded with Fun,Emotional ,Action and As it is the last part of the Avenger sequence.

if you are a marbel, believe me then avenger end game will be a brilliant film for you specially.

watch in on Amazon prime video

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