Golkonda Fort view from a building situated at the top of the fort
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Best Places to visit In Hyderabd


Location:- charminar Road,Ghansi bazar,Hyderabad,Telengana.

Famous for:-Laad bazar (pearls,bangles shopping),Lighting of charminar,

In Urdu –Charminar means Four Pillar. Charminar was built by Qutb shahi dynasty.This was made to celebrate the end of Plague.The view of Charminar is eye catching.You can enjoy different types of Food like Hyderabadi Biriyani,Hyderabadi kabab,Haleem,Qubani sweets. Haleem is only available only in Ramadaan. The view of Hyderabad city from the top of Charminar is really good to see.You can shop variety of bangles and pearl’s made Ornament in Laad Bazar.While visiting charminar you can also visit makkah masjid which is the largest masjid in India.

Entry inside Charminar :closed after 5 pm

Golkonda Fort view from a building situated at the top of the fort

1-Golconda Fort

Location:- Khair complex,Imbrahim bag ,Hyderabad,Telengana.

Famous for:-Military architecture

Golconda Fort -know as Golla konda(shepherd’s hill).Golconda fort is famous for it’s military architecture and it’s acrostic wonder.If you clap inside the judgmental hall of the fort,it makes an echo and you can hear the sound out side the hall.This fort was build by qutb shahi dynasty. The over view of whole Golconda fort from the top of Golconda is really good.You will see a stone of 240 kg and History says that if some one want a job inside this fort then he must have to lift this 240 kg stone to get a job.The whole fort was made up with Soil and the water pipe line system inside the fort is really amazing.This type of architecture shows how good the ancient engineering is.

Entery:- Closed at 5:30 pm

Gopuram at Chilkur Temple1

1-Chirkur Balaji

Location:- Chirkur balaji road,Himayat Nagar ,Hyderabad,Telengana.

Famous for:-Visa Balaji temple

Chirkur balaji is one of the oldest temple of Telengana. Lord Shree Balaji is the main deity of this Temple .Chikur balaji temple is situated in Chirkur village,so that the temple is named as Chirkur Balaji. Chirkur Balaji also known as Visa Balaji. There is a ritual if you wish something by moving 11 times around the temple ,then your wish must be full filled.And after fulfillment of your wish you have move 108 time around the temple.Lot’s devotees come here for fulfillment of their wishes.You can also explore sun set in Osman sagar in evening time.

Temple Close:-8:00 pm

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1-Necklace Road

Location:- Necklace Road,Hyderabad,Telengana.

Famous for:-Park and Lack view

3 km long road besides tank bund(Hussein sagar) known as Necklace road.To explore scenery of tank bund then must visit in early morning. necklace road connects three major parks such as NTR garden,Lumbini park and sanjivani park.You also explore boating and lighting in the evening time.Sanjivani park which surrounded by green trees provides a good atmosphere to hang out for both couples and families.you can enjoy tasty street foods/snacks in the road side. 

Aerial view snap of NTR Park in Hyderabad 4066

1-Necklace Road

Location:- NTR garden,Hyderabad,Telengana.

Famous for:-Park and entertainment activity

It is situated in Necklace road near Hussein sagar.NTR garden is named as former chief minister of Andra pradesh shri N T rama rao. You will find lot’s of entertaining activities like water park,car cafe,Toy Train ,I max theater,horror house and play area for children with natural atmosphere.You can also explore musical water spray with light show.

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6-Birla Mandir

Location:- Hill fort Rd,khairtabad,Hyderabad,Telengana.

Famous for:- 

This is a Hindu temple build by Swami Ranganathananda of Ramakrishna mission.The temple was build with White marble.The main deity of this temple is lord Venkateshwara dedicated to Tirumala Tirupati. Hindu god and goddess such Shiva temple,Ganesh temple,Sai baba temple,and Sakti temple also worship inside Birla temple.You feel a different type of peace in this temple.Architecture style combines both Odisha and south style.

Snow world

7-Snow World

Location:- lower Tank bund Road,Hyderabad,Telengana.

Famous for:- Snow park

Snow World is developed by Ocean park multi tech limited situate in lower tank bund,Hyderabad.This is the largest snow world in the world.You have enter 30 before the session starts.There are 7 session in a day in snow world.Lot’s of entertaining activities are available such as  snow volley ball,Basket ball,snow dancing etc.PPE are available at the venue of snow world.These PPE s help you to keep warm inside snow world

Timing:-11:00 am to 9:00 pm

Lumbini park

8-Lumbini Park

Location:- Near Hussein sagar,Hyderabad,Telengana.

Famous for:- Boating,3d leaser show and park

Lumbini park is developed in 1994 in the name of Lord Buddha,located near Hussein sagar. This park comes under Buddha purnima project.Here anyone can explore 3d laser show,Lighting in the evening time.This park looks stunning for it’s decoration and variety for green plants.  This park is a perfect place for both couples and families to hangout.You can enjoy boating facility in the park.The way rocks are decorated are really impressive.

Timing:- Closed at 9:00 pm

ramoji 1

9-Ramoji Film city

Location:- Ramoji film city,Hyderabad,Telengana.

Famous for:-Film studio

ramoji 1

9-Ramoji Film city

Location:- Ramoji film city,Hyderabad,Telengana.

Famous for:-Film studio

Ramoji film city is the World’s largest film complex spread in 2000 acres.Famous blockbuster films such as Bahubali,Chennai Express,Tere naam etc are shot here.Different types of packages are available for visitors such as new year package,Ramoji 1 day package,Ramoji honeymoon package,Ramoji star experience 1 day package,family package,Wedding packages and many more.The best time to visit Ramoji film city is in winter season.

ramoji 1

10-Sanghi Temple

Location:-Sanghi nagar,near Ramoji film city ,Hyderabad,Telengana.

Famous for:-Film studio

Sanghi temple situated in Sanghi nagar,25 km away from Hyderabad.The main Deity of this temple is Lord Venkateswar.this temple is developed by sanghi group.A garden called pavitra banam which provides flower and leaves for prayer.

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