What is content Marketing?(Step-by-Step explained)

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By Deepak kumar sahu

Why content marketing plays an important role?

Content marketing is very important in every business as it generates revenue,leads,brand awareness,trust,Engagement.

Content marketing is basically lubricates the process of prospect going for discover your brand after becoming your customer.Content marketing helps to build relationship with your customer.once your build this relationship with your audience it will help audience to build trust on you.Trust is the only currency that works out in the market.

The jobs of your content are 

                                                                            1.Get as much as relevant traffic

                                                                            2.Convert your visitors to become your paying customer.

What is content marketing?:-

Content marketing is Strategic marketing and business process focused on creating and Distributing valuable relevant and consistent content.
This Content is meant to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately drive profitable customer action.

From this long boring text book answer,There are few keyword which is valuable and brings out  the essence of content marketing.Valuable,relevant and consistent.
You always need to deliver value and you have to do it consistently.If you will not do it your competitors will do it.
and you have to deliver value which is relevant to the problems of your users


Why should you Evaluate your content idea

Content Writing Strategy

How to choose right content idea

Content Writing Tips

Why you are doing this?

You are doing this to attract a clearly defined audience.
content marketing not about to drive anyone and everyone,you should design you content in such a way that it will
attract certain clearly defined audience.who will ultimately be your customer by buying your product.
content marketing is a very integral part of any of your marketing activity

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Why Should you evaluate your content Idea?

Evaluate your content ideas is the first steps towards your content marketing journey.Imagine if your first step is wrong and you end up your thousand step journey which would not take your destination and it might really hurt your more in terms of money time and energy.

You need to understand how content works.you have to attract the attention of user through your content.If you are not able to attract attention of user someone else will attract the attention.But our prime goal is to monetize that attention then it will make sense for what ever you have invested.

Returning back to understanding  why you should evaluate your content idea, you will see the return on investment in terms of money,time and energy  through this post.

Digital marketing is in terms of conversion.you convert person’s attention in to a transaction.You make it possible in the form of affiliate marketing ,or in the form of selling your own product or in the form of ad sense.

How to choose right content ideas?

There are Different types of  Matrix needed for this Process.

  1. Search Volume
  2. Keyword difficulty
  3. Social media engagement
  4. Google trend
  • Search volume:-

Search volume is basically number of people looking for information on a specific topic.The more number of people is looking for the better it will for you.The chances of  more number of people coming to your site increases dramatically.There are so many tools like ubersuggest,ahref,Keyword.io that will help your to find search volume of a specific keyword.

  • Keyword Difficulty:-

High search volume attracts high competition.Search difficulty will tell you weather or not to be consider these specific keyword.If you are beginner then your search difficulty must be low or medium

Content marketing
  • Social media engagement:-

It means basically what type of social media engagement is that particular content is getting.Social media engagement is very important for you to know how you can trap out to the other channels out there.

  • Google trends:-

Google trend not only tell you newer idea it will also tell you how popular that particular topic at a given point of time.Some topic are extremely seasonal in nature like “tik tok ban” ,lots of people search for india tik tok ban so the google trends obviously suggest how popular this topic over a period of time.

google trend...

Content Writing Strategy:-

As you know content plays an important role in search engine result.The quality and structure of content writing  will define you and your brand.

There are some important tips which can help you in writing content as a pro. Content writing is a skill and you need to develop it.

In this Content writing strategy we are going to learn about content writing aspects and creating content aspects.

Let’s See Content writing Tips :

  1. Setting an object and Goal:

Now we are going to learn how to set an object.Setting an object can be anything like brand awareness,generating leads and sales or just want to monetize your blog.

here we are going to Figure out how to identify the objective and how to choose one of them.

Types of content asset:

  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Ebooks
  • White paper/Case study
  • Videos
  • User generated
  • Podcast
  • Tool

 Why you are creating content?

It becomes very important to know why you are creating so much content/

here i am giving some examples of different kind of “Why” so that you can an idea

  • Brand identity/Brand awareness
  • build trust and credibility
  • Create an email list
  • To connect with your audience
  • Make leads and sales

Characteristics of  Setting Goals:

  • Goals must be specific
  • Measurable 
  • Achievable
  • Time bound( ex: i am going to write a blog of 2000 word  by the end of this week).

Important Tips

  • Your Goal is not about what you have to do  it’s all about where you have to be
  • Don’t take many goals at once
  • Write down your Goals

2. Know your Audience:

Understanding your audience is most important  because it solves your 50% problem of your content creation journey.Through content you are going to solve problem of your audience by giving right amount of information to them.

You need to develop the sense where you start thinking on the point of customer not only for yourself. 

You have create your own customer avatar.Customer avatar will help you in finding the interest,Income level,hubby,Age of your audience.Accordingly you have to create  better content .

List of key elements in your customer Avatar:-

  1. Location
  2. Age
  3. Gender
  4. Interest
  5. Education
  6. Job title
  7. income level
  8. Language
  9. Relationship
  10. Buying motivation
  11. Favorite website.

3. How to structure your content:-

content structure
  • You need to organize your points handsomely.you need to do it chronologically from start to finish.

Before writing ask yourself which information is necessitous for that specific point.There has to be a understanding for previous point for you to make a fresh point.

Put existing points at the beginning and end.

4.How to craft Killer head lines:-

Headlines are very very important.It can make or break your  content.Head lines are the first points of contact for your viewer.Head line attracts the attention of you user.It changes them from random user to attentive user.

It helps to increase in  CTR(As you know a good CTR helps in Google ranking)

Here are some examples of different types of Head lines

  • Question type(ex:-Is SEO experts are in High demand)
  • Eye catching(An ultimate guide on Keyword Research)
  • comparison(I phone 11 Pro and I phone 11 Pro Max: Which is Best )
  • User orient(If you want to learn DIGITAL MARKETING and worried about how to start then this is for you.
  • Listicle(10 reasons why you need to buy i phone)

There are different type of Headline generator tools such as

  1. www.protent.com
  2. seopressor.com
  3. blogspot.com

5-How to write an Impressing Intro :-

You need to start writing your content with a bang .A good introduction  create a platform to your visitors and helping them to understand what you are going to tell about in your article,

you are going to lose visitors if your intro is not impressive. 

Elements for a  good Introduction:-

H- Hook(Catch the attention of user)

T-Transition(Bridge between Hook and thesis

T-Thesis(Tell the reader what the Content is about)

Always need to write a good introduction.which will grab the attention of your user.

Tips on How to grab User attention:-

  1. Start with a story
  2. Present a shocking statistics
  3. Have a controversial opening always

6-How NOT to sound like a Non Native Writer;-

non native

There are some common mistakes that are made by everyone while writing any content.

  1. Subject verb object arrangement:-(Subject verb and object placement should be followed by english rule)

Ex- I am expert in note taking.(This feel like Non native)

      I am expert in taking notes.(This follows the english rule)

Don’t directly translate your native language to english language 

2. Nominalization:- it means the process of turning a word from verb to noun called Nominalization.

Ex- I did my graduation in the year 2016(Graduation is in Noun form)

Wx- I graduated in 2016(Graduate is in Verb form)

Try to use Nominalization form in your content but don’t over use it

3.Wrong placement of tenses:

Ex-I didn’t went to school(Wrong)

Ex- I didn’t go to school(Correct)

6-Tools should be used while creating content:-

There are some certain tools that helps towards in your content writing expects and also these tools helps you to get habit of writing and 


2-Cliche finder


Hope this article will give much information about Content marketing Strategy.

So let’s start these tactics in your content marketing strategy.

If you have any knowledge and idea about Content marketing please let it share.


Thank you!!!!

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